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January 18 2009

Google Knols best?

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Interesting article this morning in Mashable, mentioning the fact that Google Knol has passed 100′000 pages. Knol is Google’s answer to the VERY popular wikipedia. Wikipedia is somewhere around 2.7 million pages, so it has a few more pages to create just yet.

I hadn’t visited Knol for a while, so it kind of perked my interest. I went to the site and noticed the different style many of the knol articles have. Some of them read like how-to articles or have more of a Yahoo Answers vibe to them. Some articles tackled how particular cultural habits have been established, which is pretty interesting. Opposed to wikipedia which is straight out factual data (citation needed), knol has a broader take on what is valuable information.

As it has grown it has turned into something which is ‘more’ than wikipedia is. Perhaps in a year or two, when Knol has reached the million page mark it will be putting up some serious competition to wikipedia, which it’s how-to + dictionary/reference style. Knol.

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