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October 23 2008

Slow SSH to Dreamhost on OS X

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For some strange reason I had been getting delays when connecting to Dreamhost via SSH.  Basically after typing in my password I’d be looking at 30-45 seconds waiting, then after typing a first command..,.  say ls -al, I’d have to wait 30-500 seconds for anything to appear.  After running a few commands, it would start to speed up and function normally.

Very annoying when I wanted to quickly log in and change 1-2 things on a file.  After some investigations, I think I have found the solution (I believe it is related to stored ssh private keys).

rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.terminal.plist

To remove your terminal preferences (in case you have some funky preference causing issues, you may or may not need to do this).  Then:

rm ~/.ssh

June 18 2008

Apple Store Opens in Australia

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Well its finally here!  The brand new apple store opened today in George Street, Sydney.  I’m a huge Apple fan since getting my macbook pro in June of last year.  I think my first mac purchase was an ipod so I’m not what you would call a long time user.

I bought an ipod touch earlier this year (32gb) and love the little beast.  Its a blast to use, great interface and hopefully some great new apps come July 11.  My next purchase will probably be a mac pro or a 24″ imac.

Apple store sydney