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September 14 2008

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Ad Part 2

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Ok this advertising campaign is getting weirder still.  Again I got a few chuckles over the absurdity of the situation Gates/Seinfeld are in, however I’m not sure it will do anything for Microsoft’s products or image.  MS need to release a new feature rich and fast operating system with medium hardware requirements (not the buggy intrusive mess that is Vista).  OS X and linux distros are continually ripping away market share and this ad campaign doesn’t assure me MS will hit back with good products.

September 04 2008

Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Ad released!

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I got a couple of chuckles out of it, but stamping a celebrity on your product doesn’t make your product (Vista) suddenly catch up to OS X or the good Linux distros.   Anyway here it is…