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August 27 2008

Why is mainstream media dying?

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…Because their income from classifieds has been destroyed by online classified websites. Also the ownership of large media companies has gone into the hands of fewer and fewer people with vested interests so the quality of investigative reporting has died. The rise of media outlets like Fox news and the various tabloids has seen a lot of people switch off.

Mainstream media outlets regurgitating old news from the internet is also a big problem from them. There was a story about a week ago on Digg concerning an iphone owner receiving a new iphone containing images of a chinese iphone factory worker on it (a cute chinese girl no less).

A week later it appears as front page news on a mainstream newspaper in Australia. It is not cutting edge news, it is not front page news, they have simply regurgitated something the reporter read on the internet a WEEK later. They expect people to buy newspapers with this regurgitated news when it is available from numerous online sources for free?  No thanks.