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July 08 2008

Drupal 6 fun!

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A recent project has required me to get back into Drupal, which I had some experience using last year (Drupal 5).  Initially its a pretty bare bones systems in some regards.  Not really tailored to SEO or complex views.  But once you have discovered which custom modules to install, the power of the CMS really explodes.

The CCK modules are seriously powerful, numerous SEO modules, numerous image and RTE modules.  The Admin is very user friendly, always good for the clients and Drupal 6 has an improved UI.

The only issue I have had with Drupal 6 so far (coincidentally I had the same issue on Drupal 5) is messing with the navigation system, attempting to get navigation to tertiary menu items displaying correctly.  By all accounts the menu_navigation_links() function should be able to pull out child menu items, but as of yet I have had no luck.