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January 19 2009

Best Buy Screws Affiliates

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I have recently joined up with Best Buy to offer some of their products on my various websites. I only just realised that they have recently slashed affiliate commissions on some of their product lines, most notably electronics.

So items like the Wii and Ipods are now 0.25% commission (down from 1%). For many affiliates those product lines are their best selling items on best buy. Best buy is tightening it’s belt with recent sales slumps, but as pointed out , they are targeting one of their most profitable areas, that of affiliate related sales. The loss of affiliate marketers will only further impact their bottom line as marketers move on.

I’m one of the affiliates moving off the program. Thanks for wasting my time best buy.

January 09 2009

Best Buy free bluray player deal!

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This is a pretty sweet deal I just read about. If you buy a 50″ Pioneer 1080p Plasma TV, pioneer will throw in a free blu-ray player. I already have a playstation 3, otherwise I’d go for the deal myself.

I’l definitely tell my relatives about it though, bargain.
Best Buy offer Valid 12/21-1/17