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September 04 2008

Web Accessibility Toolbar

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This is a fantastic Web Accessibility toolbar for Internet Explorer, which I stumbled upon recently.  It combines a lot of functions which people normally use the web developer toolbar (Firefox) for, as well as some specialised accessibility features.

Some of what it does:

  • Validation shortcuts (W3C HTML Validator, W3C CSS Validator, W3C HTML Tidy, W3C Link Checker, WDG Html Validator etc)
  • Screen Resize features (change resolution)
  • Basic CSS functions to let you check applied styles quickly
  • Image alt tag checker and image functions
  • Page structure tools (DOM analyser etc)
  • Tools.  Here it gets interesting, AccMonitor accessibility, The Wave accessibility tool, Webxact / Bobby and more.  Also, disability simulators including Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration.

That gives you a pretty good indication of exactly how accessible your site is.  You can download the toolbar via http://www.visionaustralia.org.au/info.aspx?page=614