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August 31 2008

Yahoo Upcoming

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Yahoo upcoming logoJust stumbled across yet another cool Yahoo project.  Yahoo Upcoming is a kind of social network mashed up with an events directory.  You can create a profile, add the events you are attending/interested in to your profile, add new events, as well as watching what other events other people attend.

An example of a pretty full events list is Robert Scobel’s: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/user/138148/
You can then export your calendar of events to iCal, Outlook, Google calendar etc.

Great app for promoting your own events and keeping track of what events are upcoming.  Only problem with the site is that there isn’t much in there for Australia just yet.  Worth bookmarking though!

August 15 2008

Yahoo Mybloglog is cool

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I just added mybloglog to this site.  MyBlogLog is a blog analytics tool which tracks visitors to your blog and can display recent visitors in a stylish widget.  If you look at the bottom of the right column you will see who the recent visitors to the this blog are.

It’s another cool web service by Yahoo.  Along with YUI, Flickr, Buzz and a number of other sites, yahoo have really been providing web geeks with some great products.  There is still talk of Yahoo getting bought by Microsoft, but I really hope it doesn’t happen.  I can see MS shutting down the free APIs and open source tools which Yahoo provides and making proprietary alternatives.  That would be a shame for the web.