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January 17 2009

Worst President Ever?

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As we approach the innauguration of Barack Obama, many people are reflecting upon the last 8 years under George W Bush.  With Bush’s current approval rating at 22%, most of the reflection hasn’t been too favourable towards him.  The biggest standouts imo were illegal invasions, torture, wiretapping his own population, complete disregard of the environment and politicizing of what should be purely scientific organisations (EPA, NASA and more), so that corporations get away with more.

The 2 videos which best sum it up are Olberman’s scathing review and a punk metal song I found on the interwebs.  Enjoy!

September 11 2008

US Elections

Looks like McCain has been up to a few dirty tricks in his advertisments.  Maybe he has Karl Rove on board his advertising campaign?