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January 15 2009

Heart Attack Grill

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I’ve been a vegetarian for about 16 years now, so I don’t much on huge slabs of meat. However I kinda like the ethos of this restaurant, they are saying ’screw it, I’m going down living the way I want to live, and eating myself to death’. At the heart attack grill there is unlimited french fries, no diet foods on the menu and huge huge hamburgers. Also very hot watresses who will raise your blood pressure.

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August 19 2008

Highest skyscraper in the world near completion

These pictures kind of freak me out because I am slightly afraid of heights…  Images by David Hobcote, view them all here.  (click image for full size)

August 13 2008

Inspiration - Randy Pausch’s last lecture

I recently stumbled upon a blog which had some inspirational videos from youtube.  Randy Pausch’s video struck me particularly.  Randy was a Carnegie Mellon professor who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He went about fulfilling his childhood dreams, and gave some great lectures about it.

He was particularly funny and insightful, and only passed away last month (July 2008).  I love the fact that Randy said his only deathbed conversion was from PC to Mac, hilarious guy.

July 30 2008

Snorg Girls and Clickthrough Rates

I have read that Digg.com has some terrible click through rates on advertisments, as does facebook.  Probably a result of that traffic primarily consisting of very savvy web users who just get online, get what they want and get offline.

Personally I’ve been visiting digg for about 2 years I guess and have clicked on maybe 5 ads in that entire time.  I sometimes feel bad for not supporting the great site I love a little more, but its not my nature as a long time internet “poweruser” to randomly click advertisments.

The ads I have clicked have of course been Snorg girl ads.  I would be interested in seeing how well Snorg tees convert with their advertisments on Digg compared to the other companies.  I bet on a tech/geek site like Digg they convert VERY well.   In celebration of the cuteness that is a snorg girl, here’s a gallery I found via Google - Snorg Tees Girls!

July 21 2008

Doctor quits job to become full time Blogger

I’m a bit of a Mac fan. I’m not a zealot but I do really enjoy using my ipods and my Macbook Pro.   So I visit Macrumors.com relatively frequently to check out the latest Apple device.

The guy who runs that site, Dr Arnold Kim, has just quit his job as a full time medical doctor to become a full time blogger!  The site gets about 4.4 million visitors per month and has been turning a pretty nice profit for a while.

Its a bit of an inspiration to web geeks like me who would like to one day become a full time web publisher/blogger and give the normal job the flick!  His blog post anouncing his decision.

July 17 2008

Car Fixed!

After the recent fender bender, my 2000 subaru liberty has been restored to all of its former glory. The problem is the panel that got fixed is now the only panel on the car without a dent! Ah well…

Subaru Liberty Fixed