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January 12 2009

Flashback: Ballmer on the iPhone

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I stumbled across an interesting post on appleinsider website the other day, which mentioned that there would be no Zune phone from Microsoft (despite rumors).  The post had an interesting couple of quotes from Steve Ballmer of Microsoft circa 2007.  From the article:

Shortly after the iPhone was announced at Macworld 2007, Ballmer lambasted the Apple handset as the “most expensive phone in the world” while noting that Microsoft sells “millions and millions and millions of phones a year” while “Apple sells zero.”

“I’d prefer to have our software in 60 percent or 70 percent or 80 percent of [mobile phones], than I would to have 2 percent or 3 percent, which is what Apple might get,” he said. And just this past September, the Microsoft headman predicted that the iPhone’s tight integration with all things Apple would cause it to “lose out” in the long run.

Could Ballmer have been more off the mark?   Phone users embraced the iPhone, and compared to the dying windows mobile, the operating system of the iPhone is a thing of beauty.   Ballmers prediction of “60 or 70 or 80 percent”  of smartphones running Windows mobile is actually 13.6% in 2008 and decreasing and developers abandon the platform.

Inline with the traditional windows marketing strategy, windows mobile only offers touchscreen capabilities on the ‘professional’ version of the software.  Meanwhile Google’s android and iPhone (OS X) have 1 version which does everything.  Also funny that Ballmer cites Apple’s tight integration with all things Apple as a problem for the company - considering Microsoft is one of the most proprietary driven and closed box companies in the IT sector.

September 14 2008

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Ad Part 2

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Ok this advertising campaign is getting weirder still.  Again I got a few chuckles over the absurdity of the situation Gates/Seinfeld are in, however I’m not sure it will do anything for Microsoft’s products or image.  MS need to release a new feature rich and fast operating system with medium hardware requirements (not the buggy intrusive mess that is Vista).  OS X and linux distros are continually ripping away market share and this ad campaign doesn’t assure me MS will hit back with good products.

September 04 2008

Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Ad released!

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I got a couple of chuckles out of it, but stamping a celebrity on your product doesn’t make your product (Vista) suddenly catch up to OS X or the good Linux distros.   Anyway here it is…

August 27 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Released

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Hopefully this one will be much close to where Safari, Opera and Firefox 3 are in terms of complying to web standards.

I’m giving it a try in my virtual machine, looks interesting!
Download IE 8 Beta 2 now

Intitial impressions after playing with it for 20 minutes or so…

The Good:

  • Browsing seems fast
  • Uses webslices like safari (you can save a section of a page like an RSS feed).  Good to see MS copying good features from other browsers
  • Use quicktabs like Opera (Firefox needs this imo)
  • Has tab memory like Firefox
  • Has private browsing mode (aka Porn viewing mode) like Safari
  • Developer tools seem to be fully featured now, It does most of what web developer toolbar for firefox does.

The Bad

Well not much bad stuff found just yet (apart from the fact it took 5 minutes to install and the BETA killed my install of IE 7, wtf).  Feels snappy, IF the browser conforms to HTML/CSS/JS/DOM standards as much as Firefox/Safari/Opera already do, it looks like Microsoft might have caught up for browser software development.  If they have caught up with this, IE 9 could see them neck and neck with firefox.

August 27 2008

The IE Deathmarch!

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A friend sent me this link earlier today, http://iedeathmarch.org/.  Basically they’ve set a deadline for IE 6 to die, so to speak.  March 2009!  I really do hope the browser does die off soon because it is a constant thorn in the side of developers who create valid HTML and CSS only to see it break in Internet Explorer 6.
As they point out on the site…  IE 6 is OLD.

Internet Explorer 6 will be SEVEN years old on August 27th. It came out a few weeks before the Twin Towers fell. It came out before the Nintendo GameCube. It came out before the first iPod.