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January 19 2009

Webkit Javascript Debugger

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202px-webkit_logoWhen I have to work with Javascript I prefer to use jquery. When I do AJAX aspects with Jquery I occaisionally find myself with bugs either caused by syntax problems or poor planning. That’s when I turn on Firebug and can usually find the problem pretty quickly thanks to its comprehensive debugging options.

However, for me, Firefox is sometimes slow, crashy and a pretty poor choice for general browsing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great browser, but I have stacked in so many great plugins, I think they adversely affect its performance (and I am on a Mac, which is renowned for have the poor cousin port of Firefox). So I often use Safari or Webkit for everyday browsing. But when using that I didn’t have quick access to JS/DOM debugging if I was curious about a page behaving badly.

Well I just met Drosera, a JS debugger and utility knife for Webkit. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out. So far all good and if I didn’t have all of my bookmarks in Foxmarks it might be the final straw for me moving to webkit permanently (I might have to start using delicious again so I’m not pinned down to Firefox for bookmark management).

September 04 2008

Share code with pastie!

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I’m often discussing Javascript/PHP/HTML in a chat window and usually paste chunks of code I want to show the other people into chat.  Problem is, quite often the recipient gets smileys all through code or it does’t render properly on their chat client or the snippet gets lost along the way.

http://www.pastie.org/ looks like a pretty sweet way to share those snippets while maintaining code highlighting, formatting and also for keeping it referenced for later usage.  It’s a free service (donations accepted) so pretty handy for quickly showing off your latest ubersauce function.!

July 18 2008

Firefox 3 Unresponsive Script

Well I’ve been enjoying Firefox 3’s new features its improved speed and style.  Until the last update.

I’ve started getting numerous javascript related issues on both OS X and Windows XP while using Firefox 3.  Any site or application that has AJAX features or a large amount of javascript (which, lets face it is most sites on the web now), could trigger the unresponsive script error.

As was the case with Firefox 2, the issue is 9/10 related to a plugin.  For doing web development I use about 10 different plugins for firefox and I tracked down the issue to Firebug.  Firebug disabled, back to smooth browsing.

June 18 2008

Why I like YUI

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I usually use JQuery for javascript work, the shortcuts for dom manipulation, XPath and the plethora of plugins are fantastic.  But recently I had to find a nice calendar for a booking application.  Something that I could easily populate with booked dates, have date ranges, different date renderers (colours/formatting on the date boxes).

I gave YUI calendar a try and if did it all out of the box.  They have created it in a way that makes it highly extensible and easy to use.  You can also plug in AJAX features relatively easily (which I didn’t do for my project but would be ideal for a booking/date management system).

Its also a great project to support because its open source and the developers at Yahoo have been really been giving some great tools to the development community over the last few years.

Also YUI has GREAT documentation.  Check it out..