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March 01 2009

Speed dial in Firefox 3

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The release of Safari 4 public beta saw another browser move towards using a starting page with a panel of ’screens’ showing you your most popular sites. It’s a cool feature and one which other browsers like Opera have had for a while. I’m still sticking with firefox, so I had a search around for similar functionality and found this: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4810 “Speed dial” for Firefox. Basically replicates the functionality and is pretty handy! gogo!

January 19 2009

Webkit Javascript Debugger

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202px-webkit_logoWhen I have to work with Javascript I prefer to use jquery. When I do AJAX aspects with Jquery I occaisionally find myself with bugs either caused by syntax problems or poor planning. That’s when I turn on Firebug and can usually find the problem pretty quickly thanks to its comprehensive debugging options.

However, for me, Firefox is sometimes slow, crashy and a pretty poor choice for general browsing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great browser, but I have stacked in so many great plugins, I think they adversely affect its performance (and I am on a Mac, which is renowned for have the poor cousin port of Firefox). So I often use Safari or Webkit for everyday browsing. But when using that I didn’t have quick access to JS/DOM debugging if I was curious about a page behaving badly.

Well I just met Drosera, a JS debugger and utility knife for Webkit. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out. So far all good and if I didn’t have all of my bookmarks in Foxmarks it might be the final straw for me moving to webkit permanently (I might have to start using delicious again so I’m not pinned down to Firefox for bookmark management).

August 22 2008

Missing Web developer toolbar Firefox 3

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Just found a solution to my missing web developer toolbar in Firefox 3.  Web developer is one of the best tools for testing and developing sites on Firefox.  For some reason after the upgrade to the new firefox (and installing 15 or so plugins) the web dev toolbar was blank.

(Fix from this site)

  1. Right-click on the Toolbar and choose Customize’
  2. Drag any missing buttons from the Customize Toolbar’ window to the toolbar or simply click Restore Default Set’
  3. Click Done’.

I also dragged the web developer icon onto my google toolbar, that allows you to toggle the entire web dev toolbar with one click, great for making extra space.  I recently found a whole bunch of new plugins which are handy for SEO and web dev, I’ll post a full list soon!

August 18 2008

Firefox 3 start pages

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I always find it interesting to see what page people use as their start page in their browser.  A lot of people keep it simple and use google as a start page, or their companies website.

I usually change mine on a weekly basis.  The hot sites this week for me are:

Digg (social news website), iGoogle (Personalised home page with HEAPS of widgets), Smashing Magazine (Web design resources) and Sphinn (Seo version of Digg).  For those people new to the internet who don’t know how to add homepages to Firefox 3, go Firefox preferences, main tab and add the addresses to the homepage input box, seperated by |  (http://www.google.com|http://www.digg.com etc).

August 14 2008

Google Docs Network Errors!

“I used to love her but I had to kill her…” ahh good old Guns N Roses.  Thats how I am feeling about Google docs today after some strange network errors on some large documents.  I’ve been doing some work with the excel and word processor parts of Google docs and up to now, I’ve been really enjoying them.

Great for collaborative work.  However recently 2 on-page SEO docs got to a fairly large size and Google started acting completely bonkers.  Constant “Sorry, a network error has prevented Google Docs from saving your changes…”  errors left me with some documents I have had to remove from Google docs. The issue is mentioned here.

But not only that, it seems that exporting the documents only exports half of whats in there.  The final resort is to simply copy and paste the Google document into a RTF doc, but I lose all of the bolding and text formatting I had in the google doc.  We are talking big docs and it will take me an 1.5 hours+ to re-add the formatting to the 100+ pages.

SO be warned!  Google docs is beautiful until you get large documents then turns into a big problem!

July 18 2008

Firefox 3 Unresponsive Script

Well I’ve been enjoying Firefox 3’s new features its improved speed and style.  Until the last update.

I’ve started getting numerous javascript related issues on both OS X and Windows XP while using Firefox 3.  Any site or application that has AJAX features or a large amount of javascript (which, lets face it is most sites on the web now), could trigger the unresponsive script error.

As was the case with Firefox 2, the issue is 9/10 related to a plugin.  For doing web development I use about 10 different plugins for firefox and I tracked down the issue to Firebug.  Firebug disabled, back to smooth browsing.

June 17 2008

Firefox Download Button

If you are like me, you download things off the internet and have to alt tab to see firefox’s download menu to open the item.  On a mac its a little easier with stacks available to quickly open the item from the downloads folder.

I decided to add a download button to FF3, which has turned out to be pretty handy.  Just right click on the top menu in firefox and select ‘customize’.

Then select the download button.  I added it next to the back button, so its always very easy to open up recent downloads!

June 17 2008

Firefox 3 release day!

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Firefox 3 was includes a LOT of new features including a smarter bookmark search, re-worked options sections, nicer standard search, nicer appearance and faster performance.  The browser is BLAZINGLY fast, and best of all is a free download.

http://www.getfirefox.com to download it today.  They are also going for a guiness world record for number of downloads in a day so grab it today and help them get the record.