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December 15 2008

Wordpress 2.7 image upload issues

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Like some people upgrading to wordpress 2.7 recently, I had some issues with the image upload functionality in blog posts. Found the fixes described here.

My issues was general javascript issues, the upload image window would appear in the same browser window (not in a popup).  The fix which worked for me was emptying the wp-content/uploads/js_cache folder. I emptied that folder and my Javascript issues dissapeared!

December 14 2008

Slowing Googlebot

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If you have a relatively large blog on a shared host, sometimes you get performance issues from Googlebot hitting your website.  The fix is now relatively simple thanks to google webmaster tools.  Go sign up at http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ (or use your existing Gogle account).  Add your website to webmaster tools then verify it.  Click on settings and you will see the crawler speed slider at the bottom of the page.  Set it to want you want, if you have crappy hosting like me, dial it way back.

Slowng googlebot