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November 25 2008

Dreamhost Sucks

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Yes, I got bitten by Dreamhost, as many others have been. Regular blog readers may have noticed my site exploded and stay dead for the last 1.5 weeks.  It seems dreamhost thought some of the content on the blogs in the same hosting account were objectional (a few large blogs with pictures of celebrites).

So they immediate closed the account without warning.  All up, about 35 domains went dead immediately.  No warnings.  No dialogue to inform me to shut down the offending blog.  I had to BEG them to get access to the files on the server.  Eventually I got access to the databases and files via ftp for a few days.

I have no problem with a web host specifying what kinds of sites they host, they claim that the offending blogs took too many CPU resources because of their large size (thx googlebot).  But the way dreamhost did it was ridiculous.  I would have happily shut down or moved the offending blogs, pulling down 35 sites immediately then not giving me access to any of the websites (until numerous emails) was just insane.

Never, ever host with dreamhost if you value your data. You can certainly find a much better web hosting provider by searching and reading reviews on a specialized web hosting guide.


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